Right after the explosion of a million stars that was witnessed from Earth, there had been mass animal deaths stemming from the noxious gases that infiltrated the atmosphere. Humans were left to scavenge for the little food that was deemed consumable while the others suffered horrible mutations from the normal looking fruits and vegetables that now flourished everywhere. A society was then built underground where their source of heat comes from the Earth’s inner core, oxygen was manufactured by machines and the water pumped from the deepest pit of the oceans to be filtered and used. The scientists’ only problem now is their dwindling food supply, kept secret from the majority of the inhabitants, they scrambled to find a solution but the environment prohibits them from culturing their own food. It was a dark and depressing time but every citizen of that society felt blessed because they believe they are the last beings on Earth.

But a single Human survived, one who developed resistance towards the toxic environment of the land, he was left to fend off the countless flesh eating mutants that littered the streets and was able to eat the food available there. It made him stronger and increased his immunity; the mutated vegetable altered his physiology without diminishing his human characteristics.

This was the solution that the scientists below didn’t even know existed until one day, a radical solution was proposed by their chief chemist- an above the ground exploration to see if they can manage to find sustenance then clean off the poison in their laboratory. A group of 5 was quickly assembled where a pod will land them in the middle of what used to be a cosmopolitan city now turned into a jungle of flora and fauna. After landing an escaping from the pod they walked aimlessly at the beautiful yet deadly site. Unbeknownst to them a horde of mutants already trailing their move and ready to strike at them, just then the lone human was making his rounds of the city and together they fought the mutants bravely but in the fight they lost the 3 brave scientists. The human then took the chemist and the remaining scientist in his hide-out where he explained what happened to him and how he can help the society. The chemist eagerly proposed he come back underground with them.

But the scientist had other plans he wanted to consume all the vegetables thinking it will gain him powers. So when he found a bigger darker fruit he consumed all of it, and just as when he thought he was getting stronger he was also becoming what he had feared to be, a big scary mutant. So the lone human and the chemist had no choice but to shoot him just as he was getting rogue.

They brought with them a substantial amount of the vegetable and rode their pod back underground. The vegetable then showed an almost magical ability, to be able to propagate on water. The vegetable can be consumed in a myriad of ways and this was the key to saving the future of mankind.

They named the vegetable in honor of the lone human’s favorite book Ubik and the Chemist’s name E because in the society renowned citizens can only get letters as names while the regular people get numbers, The Ube successfully made the people resistant to the toxic fumes of the upper world where they now plan to rebuild their society by fighting the mutants and clearing the poisonous plants.