It’s been 26 hours since I stepped off the plane that took me back home from the glorious land that is stock-piled with cute and cuddly things, guiltlessly cheap yet awesome street food and a mind numbing transmodification of English. It could be any country in Asia but the latest one that I’ve been to is one that I can’t stop obsessing over: Korea!!

suwon korea

So after getting home in the frozen tundra mixed wood plains called Montreal. I’ve since finished sobbing over the Korean drama My Love from Another Star while drinking Taro Milk tea and eating an awful recreation of Jjimjilbang eggs that try as I may, I can’t replicate. I’m still hungover from a country that is perpetually drunk from soju and samgyeopsal, where almost everyone is prim, petite and pretty, subway cars are littered with lovers and everyone is part of a conspiracy to make you the best version of yourself.


So before I’ve taken my first shower or unpack my heaping pile of luggage, I’m going to write about some of the itty bitty moments that made me think that there’s more to Korea than being just a generic-epileptic-seizure-inducing neon jungle in Asia. (Spoiler Alert: There’s none- Every city in that part of the world is awesome)