I’m in the melting pot of Canada right now.

The city known as an awesome hub for multiculturalism, overpriced imported beer, red street cars, great graffiti and a highly competitive job market. Did i mention the overpriced liquor? I’ve gone here knowing that i have a typical-for-a-student-strict-budget and i really hope that i don’t have to use a credit card to pay for my incidentals.

Meanwhile, there is a recurring question in my head that i am answering while i go about seeing Toronto City.

“What am i doing?”
“What am i here for?” and most importantly.
“For what?”

Montreal airport air canada terminal

This vibrant and active city is the location of the 2013 Travel Blog Exchange Expo. And i’m right here, downtown blogging about what i’ve experienced so far.

As what you’ve noticed. Yes, you in the green shirt who regularly reads my blog. I’ve never intended to make a business out of travel blogging, maintaining a website has been more of an incidental liability than an investment.

That was well over a year ago since i started. I have not yet gained the momentum i would like to have since then, which is largely my fault. So when i was chided by a fellow travel blogger on going to TBEX, i had no choice but to try and write off the trip as a business expense.

Going to a convention as a newbie blogger is quite intimidating and meeting well-heeled travelers who’ve been to Tel-Aviv or Andalusia and those rockstars getting three thousand unique hits per day makes you question what purpose you’ll serve taking part in such a big convention.

Silver Snail Toronto

It helps to remember that they were once at my age. They’ve blogged when not a lot of people even know what “Lycos” was, using defunct platforms and dealing with dial-up internet connection with a speed as humorous as the grating tone it plays when you try to connect. It helps a lot to understand why they are doing it and knowing that you are serving a common purpose, to share and provide content that is free and immediately available to the billions of people who surf the internet worldwide.

That said, even if blogging can be considered as an industry that provides people with remuneration it still hasn’t reached a stage where you need to compete for a spot. It is hard to measure a blogger’s potential by metrics. It is hard to question a blogger’s product when you believe that an audience it not yours to sell but to maintain. It’s been a year and a half since i first had to use a credit card to purchase my epicpotato.com domain name, i’ve long since recuperated my initial capital and then some but it’s not to say that i’m actually doing well in this business.

Toronto City CN tower

And that is why i am in Toronto City.
To answer my questions and to learn from people who are in all respects better, wiser and more experienced than i am.

It isn’t as depressing as i made it out to be in my head. People are very friendly, everyone is absolutely professional and meeting the bloggers behind their URL makes you feel like you’re part of this worldwide cult and the only thing that attaches you with them is this unadulterated love of travel.