Tonight was supposed to be about bubble baths and scrubbing away until bed time. So I put on Songza and lathered up the green Ttaemeri towel I got from Korea.

It was such a beautiful and simple plan. Bath, brush and bed.

Then Adele came on. Damn you Adele!
Except that no, it’s Sigur Rós’ Hoppípolla that landed me here.

lake louise

His mellifluous voice, gently reminding me that tonight is the penultimate page of the book that was our 2015.

creek trail

I almost wish that I did not know that Hoppípolla is just about jumping in puddles and getting your boots wet. Then it could be a song about anything I want it to be. Isn’t that the same feeling we get when the New Year comes along? We are supposed to be giddy with the unknown. That wild optimism is always contagious especially when the fireworks come along.

Time moves by faster now than it did when I was a child. Back then an hour would feel like an eternity. But this would seem like a kind blessing because this year I had to sit through four different jobs, with each one of them duller than the last. So the clock became my best friend. 7 hours before clock-out, 3 increments of 15 minutes before break. Then next day, and another one. Before I know it, it’s my day-off.

mountain restaurant

Although this also meant that those fleeting moments would fly by faster than I wanted it to. Moments that punctuated my year and stood out from monotony. That’s okay- I tell myself as a consolation.

Rent already sang it best. You’re supposed to measure your year in moments. I don’t know how much money I made this year, or about the things I bought. I don’t think about my grades in school much. I’m too cynical to dwell on whether I gained or lost weight. I don’t care if I didn’t get to dye my hair gray. Lastly, gone is the time where I can measure my growth in inches.


What matters to me is how I did not know that this year I would get to learn how to peel and slice a butternut squash. But after two attempts at almost slicing off a fingernail I finally did it. My thoughts are of circling the Banff wilderness, armed with a bear spray in my left hand and a beer bottle on the left. I care about being the worst dishwasher in the world. I live for the moments that I made someone laugh with my unintentional stupidity. I am happiest when making new friends. I remember this year’s laughters and how the sound seem to echo the entire night.


This year is also a great reminder on how the best good byes can only lead you to better things. And how the best things in life always comes at a surprise.

lake louise inn

I don’t know much about predicting the future. I tried, but my friends thought I was just kidding. I’m quite naive about most things but if there’s just a single thing I need to bet my life on. It’s just this one thing. 2015 was the best year to fall in love.