Drop whatever it is that you are doing now and watch this video. Just imagine yourself as the protagonist of this kick-ass trailer from Turismo de Peru, now believe me I don’t use the word epic haphazardly, but yes, this is one occasion I can say it’s an epic video.

It was first subliminally imprinted in my head by a harmless meme at 9gag, then one thing led to another and next thing I know I was fogging up my computer screen with my heaving breath typing Google searches relentlessly until finally I let myself see the glaring truth and embrace the fact that I am utterly and irrevocably obsessed with Peru .

Outside Machu Picchu

It was very easy to fall in love with travelling to Peru, and for a while I thought that the only thing keeping me from stowing in the baggage pit on the next flight to Lima was my indifference to the quality of prison food. But bit by bit I could see a very legal way on how I could have my trip and it only involves two months of saving every penny I earned from clumsily serving food and wiping dirty crumbs at the only restaurant in my city willing to hire me.

Machu Picchu Peru

Meanwhile I hounded other bloggers about travel tips for Peru, and also trying to decide on how I would like to spend my time there, do I opt to be a vine swinging, hiking and camping Indiana Jones combing the Inca Trail looking for the Crystal Skull or would I rather sip Pisco sour on the opulent Hiram Bingham train– no matter what option I end up with, one thing is for sure, there’s always something magical in Peru for everyone.

Islas Ballestas, Paracas Peru

As someone who nurses a deep fascination for Nature and the Earth Sciences and has more than a passing interest with World History and Archaeology, Machu Picchu is definitely what drawn me in. Then the Islas Ballestas in Paracas, because of one word: Penguins! I am quite surprised at how diverse the topography of this one country could be, from turquoise beaches to sand dunes and snow capped mountains of Andes, I have no idea how I can fit all of that in little more than two weeks. Also looking forward to trying the Triple Threat Treif delicacy of the Andean Region~ Cuy and the acerbic flavor of Ceviche which could be found from the humblest hole-in-the-wall to expensive restaurants. Seriously, a lot of people have been claiming that Peruvian cuisine is the shiznit so i’m coming in hungry.

besthike.com Ausangate Circuit, Peru

It’s really the crux of a traveller, humdrum days are filled with thoughts of new places to conquer and we have a never ending laundry list that seem to span longer even after crossing a few items off. I would eventually like to complete the Gringo Trail 1 & 2 and also crossing the infamous Drake passage from Ushuaia to Antartica but realistically, I would need at least 3 years of saving up for that to happen, in the meantime I am quite dead set on wrangling Peru by the neck and having a grand ole’ adventure.

*First and last photos are scoured from the Creative commons in Flickr. The other two came from the Hippie Mum Gay who sagely told me that yes, I’ll definitely need more than 300$ to backpack Peru.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by EBuzzing for their campaign with Turismo de Peru. All opinions stated here are from the Author who cannot be held liable for any wacky hijinks that may arise during your trip after you have read this article.