I wrote this while i’m high.

I got my laptop from my flatmate who borrowed it last night. I told her that I got a joint from Francois and a bong hit from Jacob. My eyes are red because I feel like they are dropping out of my eyelids a little bit.My throat was on fire a minute ago. But after reviewing the thoughts in my head it has then stopped hurting. I had a bowl of spaghetti, and the dishes are still there in the stove. I hope they don’t clean it yet. My actions felt robotical. Like someone on angular. But i felt creative. So i got the laptop from Gloria, who I notice was wearing fancy lingerie and then I saw her Skype-ing with her boyfriend Iwish there was a way i could record my voice. it feels too slow to type thoughts race in my head faster than my hands


Im eating ruffles poutine flavored. i miss Montreal. I quit my job today. Felt sad because time too short. But job sucks. Have to dig camerA FROM pile of clean clothes. Did laundry today before work. Felt nice to wear fresh shirt.

Must upload photo. Coworkers in a circle like hippies.I’m high as fucjj w no dont say that. they are really nice,.ife here sucks if yiu arent a tourrist. but most of us arent rich.we like to travel- to have adventure but we dont want to pay. i feel so cokd. earlier i thought i was going to die. i thought my heart was beatig too fast and it would stop. i wamt spaghetti downstairs with cut up Kirkland saucisse same from costco 6.99$ but smaller than in montreal/ i bought it from petro canada when going home from work,. Saw elma- gloria’s friend they both worked there until gloria was fired. cashier guy (everyone says he”s creepy) sad gloria wasnt focused, but she is very busy working 3 jobs. Found out shes from Nigeria. I feel sorry tattling about everyone here. But anyway,remember that Gloeria has so many ebay tabs open in other window. I thoughtshe was going to have internet nasty with wwwwwwwwww her noyfriend. he gets to see her body and she gets to see… fancy purses? gloria wanted to go to quebec SHe hates Lake Louise. it is so cold. that it always raines. I am always worried that If i forget how to breathe I would die. SO I would make sure to inhale to make sure im not dead. I did a fancy rolling burp. I thought that I was rotated down to a lower ciircle of high-ness? I can nod in singular clarity. Time feels fast here. Noot like the last timr I had weed., way back in 2012.


Everything is so expensive here. I am ok because i am lucky. i feel sad that i quit early. that i couldnt be a good dishwasher. wanted to hae an adventure and try something out. I really wanted to experience different lives. Travel gives empathy- if you’re not a dickhead. I thought I worked with dickheads, but no. They;re adorable/ I scrubbed [pans- took out garbage amd my hands are swollen and full of cuts.


Restaurant workers have the highest ratio of drug usse among othre demographic. Hard work always stressed. Dirty kitchen. always need to broom. hguess who does that. dishwasher.. guess who’s a dishwasher, (thereinafter reffered to as dishbitch (sydnei (yes that is how it is spelled) said so because dishbitch gotta do all the jobs that the kitchen doesnt want to do. I get paid very little too. But then aggain everyone is low paid here too. Jake said that dont feel bad because this is a very expensive place. You make enough to 1200 in rent (we pay very little in rent because we are essentially treated like Biblical slaves. so you are a high-ly paid employeebecause you get tolive here. Yup we hobnob with the rich people who cant afford to leave even a 5% tip. Notehow you are embarassed that the only way you churned out a new blogpost is when you got so high that it almost feels like i was breathing smoke, literally seeing the world fog up everytime i exhaled. I feel creative. So many thoughts giong through my head.


Needed to get away andtravel. Such a loaded word. So ubiquitous at the same time. It becomes an addiction. More than weed. This thing is not worth all the coucghing, everyone in this resort town is an adventurer. Classic ones. Not a blogger or someone who gets something else than just that travel-euphoria, like recognition or shameless self promotion. My roomates are those who are from lands far away. No one is from this expensive small village. They call this place a hamlet
10 minute walk from one end to the pther. it takes me 5 inutes to get to work from Saddleback. where i live. in a 4 room duplex with dirty kitchen and bathroom where the faucet is always hard to turn but only because im weak. Im not a good dishbitch. Everyone is friendly even the Australians. Korean owner. Adorable korean chefs. Nat told anecdote from today where Keira said the Korean word for penis and Mr Moon said “everyone needs a big one now and then”. laugh . everyone gets drunk before workk. Wonder why people dont think more about others. Unfair.


Its fun here. I like it now that I know Ill be leaving. QUitting today wasnt hard. Just said to Miss Yuh that I will quit. Felt sad she just said yes. Felt embarrassed she wasnt surprise. Meant she had a feeling that I would not last the job.. SHe was right. I am fleeting. Temporary. More so than the others with me. Just as a faster rate, because I couldn’t do it. I wanted other things again. Maybe France. Maybe Israel. Kibbutz.

But props for the people who live the dream. without fuss or fanfare. No blog appeal needed. People just as smart as me, better looking, funnier. Work same shitty jobb to live in a beautiful National park. To have fun on days off and to smoke some joints while in a circle joking about that awful shit you had to do today. That is fun.

Rea;ize i am coming off as a bit arrogant. But im dishbitch for now. So gotta own it.