Prior to writing this post i suffered a case of writer’s block. I can’t seem to bring myself to write or to even think of what to say, maybe because prior to now i never really had any good story to go along with the pictures, it would be a shame to write without the heart and not have it mean anything. Also, this goes unmentioned but the events chronicled here actually happened about 3 months ago and i made these series of posts so i can write about experiences that i may need to revisit someday

We stayed in the “Hot Springs Capital” Pansol, Calamba, Laguna following a strenuous journey that seems highly overrated. We were following a Ninja-Itinerary that will leave us hungry until the next morning albeit giving us time to enjoy the pool and the cool in-bathroom jacuzzi.

Our Holy Grail for the day was touring the Mt. Makiling and UPLB following the advise of some very drunk looking resort hawkers

Laguna is very serene, with a mood like a college town. The Mt. Makiling serving as the backdrop of the houses in the highway makes the trip quite relaxing and calming.

Walk around the area and you’ll do your weight, your lungs and your heart a favor since you get to see the UP acculturation, smell the nature and feel the good vibes, although i do hope you don’t smoke because almost every road we passed was going uphill. Uhm, unlike me.

Everything is very scenic indeed, yet confusing as UPLB has the biggest campus of all the UP school systems, It houses disciplines such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and a hodge-podge of other nature inspired courses hence, it is only natural that this school will have one of the most beautiful Botanical Garden in the country.

Everything i see is just so beautiful and awe-inspiring i can’t help but feel grateful that i have someone to share it with. The leaves falling over our heads like a big blanket makes it a scene like i was straight out of a movie. I believe i was happy and at that moment beyond any doubt i believe he was as happy as me.

I do hope all his cheesy stuff made you retch, cause then you’ll have room for the one food that has gained the most notoriety among all the street food found in UP

I’ll take 20 Isaw sticks please :)

Why yes, i do believe UP isaw is universally good and we can attest to that. The UP student who pointed us to this lane here did us both well.
We got 5 star cuisine at 5 peso prices!

Yes, i love corn. And i love this campus. We could almost pass as students. We sat by the steps and ate our Cheesy Sugary Nihonggo Corn contemplating on various topics ranging from mundane to the magical ability of corn to stay the same after digestion.

After realizing we couldn’t convince anyone we were scholar-worthy. We took a jeepney going to town. We didn’t know at which point the Chrono-Synclastic Infidibulum of our trip broke and the good Manong directed us to go to Rizal’s place for a cup of Latte since they were drinking buddies and all. Before we could reply that we haven’t taken the LSD needed to converse with him, he also asked why we traveled such a long distance. I can’t help but quip, not only distance but apparently time-travel as well. Unfortunately Rizal’s house is closed at 5pm already and not even the most provocative of stares can change the Guardia Sibil’s mind.

Good news is that the St. John the Baptist Church is always open and this is where Rizal first signed his forever devotion with the Catholic Church, and in a totally unrelated note. Why is that statue gnawing on its doppelganger’s head? I’ll Noli Me Tangere on this matter. Only one person would know why i chased down a priest here. Still, it was nice to cap off this trip in the arms of God. I can say thanks for what I’ve experienced, realized and gained.

Back to the concrete jungle where i wrap up another successful sojourn. Standing for 2 hours on the bus with the annoying voice of Mike Enriquez was not bad at all, since like everything i did on that trip i had someone incredibly special to share i with.

Remember what i said earlier? This is a keepsake of my travels, a memory vault of events. I can look here and know that what i felt that day made me happy. So now I can’t cloud my head on whatever misjudgement, petty things and silly arguments i’m facing because what made you happy will always trump any negativity. You take the bad with the good cause that’s when you know what you have is really worth keeping.