This is a safe space.

Welcome to the cheapest psychotherapy session for wayward wanderers. It is not your generic travel blogger interview. This was borne out of a need to share my favorite writers here, but with them doing all of the hard work, and with their thoughts free for your consumption in their pure unadulterated form.

I’ve known Ron for a very long time, although I can count in my hands the number of times that we’ve met in person, however, during those rare occasions we would be somewhere around the world that neither of us call home. I have a lot of photos of him, but only one of them can pass his aesthetic standard- mostly because those pictures are now either old, blurry or tinted with past memories that turned into inside jokes. I love him as a person, and also as a writer- but I am never sure which one of them is the agent of causality. It doesn’t matter.

Let’s get the cliches over with, in his words:

My name is Ron Cruz, I am the caretaker at and I am on hiatus! Busy sniffing turpentine and oil medium.


First of all, tell your Mother why you feel the need to travel all the time.

Hi Mom, remember Dong and May Ann, the bratty kids from the big houses in our neighbourhood? Those kids who frequently travel to Hong Kong and told me I won’t be able to see Ocean Park in my lifetime, well guess who’s the jetsetter now? #MoreIssuesThanVogue

Tell everyone, what brings you here in the blogging realm?

Everyone, I started writing long angsty notes while drunk on Multiply. Apparently people liked anything long, angsty and drunk (who wouldn’t). I knew then that Multiply will eventually be heading towards a shit hole so I migrated my narcissistic mental diarrhea to something more stable, the toilet.

Tell me, where would you rather be right now?

Hey Lauren, I’d rather be in my room, under the sheets, watching cute videos of cats, dreaming about my next trip. Because sometimes dreaming, aspiring and planning is more exciting than actually doing the leg work. But don’t listen to me. I’m weird.

Tell yourself honestly, how does travel writing make you feel?

I use a recorder to tell my travel stories, then transcribe it later. So I guess I don’t write, I’m a Travel story transcriptionist. And it makes me feel TIRED so midway through it, I fall back to bed and watch cute videos of cats.

Tell the universe what would it take to make you feel more content, happier and more satisfied with your life right now.

Dear Universe, if you’re listening, fuck you for leaving us alone in a dark in case Fermi Paradox is real. But it would be less agonizing to feel scared if I wake up one day and I have a shitload of money. Like really, shitload that Mark Zuckerberg would feel so pedestrian.

Maybe, tell a funny story, but they never seem to be as good when spoken out loud, so tell us something memorable- even sad, instead.

Recently, while in the middle of the Sahara, my camp chief who’s from a Berber tribe asked me if I want to go around and look for foxes. It was pitch-black night, in a sandbox the size of Europe, and trillions of things that can potentially kill an unarmed human, SURE. Let’s go look for foxes.

We went back to the tent an hour later without finding one. That night I dreamt of foxes three times and woke up hyperventilating, restraining screams and in the verge of crying.

Is that even funny?

Tell reluctantly why you feel insecure when traveling.

I’m an Asian dude. Admit it, Asian guys are not known to be the hottest when thrown in a bunch of other men from France, Australia, Brazil, the list goes on. They will only turn to me when they need to ask something, like their Maths assignment.

Tell your most irrational fear.

Foxes… and dying as a virgin Asian dude. No, I’m kidding, wit can get you laid kids. But I’m open to the idea of being a Latino one day. And get really “foxed.”

Tell us that you’re neither a tourist nor a traveler, tell me you are…

… the other guy in the room, sitting at the corner eating pistachios, while watching (judging) two people debating about the difference between travelers and tourists. I’m that guy enjoying the pistachios, watching free entertainment, winning in life.

Tell your readers any advice you feel they need to hear before they even think about attempting to do the things you do.

Kids, do what you feel fits you best. Or do whatever is within your means. Or do as far as your imagination can perceive. So essentially, don’t do me, do you.

(If you want to do me, send me a PM. Let’s start with flirting, then let’s be vulnerable together later on.)

Follow Ron’s neuroses, those nagging itches, worse than a thousand STDs that lead him to traipse around the world, to paint beautiful images, as well as to compose those perfectly overexposed #OOTDs.

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