For this month’s PTB Blog Carnival- The topic that won is the 3d/2n IT Challenge: Maximizing the few precious days off our work or school or whatever daily grind we endure when we are not out on the open road- personally when i’m not Epic-Potatoeing, i am Couch-Potatoeing. So i think it’s understandable that for me “Travel” is as far away as i can get from the dreaded word- “Vacation”

*Terms and Conditions apply.
** Site owner is not liable for anything lost while on the road (i.e. weight; body parts)

I just came back from an Epic Potato trip just this late December and although i can’t give you my exact IT because mine spanned for 6days, i’ll be happy to show you an approximation of sorts– You’ll be traveling on the same pace as i did, will skip a few destinations i went to, but as a trade-off, you can visit Guimaras, which wasn’t on my IT- but i went there on a previous trip already. :)


7:00am-12:00pm – Before lunch time, make it a point to reach Boracay by any means possible.
12:00-1:00pm – Have lunch at: Ti Braz/ Zuzuni/ Alchemy or Andok’s (Wherever you prefer)
1:00-3:00pm – Go Helmet Diving/ Snorkeling or Island Hopping.
*** 2:00pm*** Find the time to check-in a Hotel or Inn.
3:00pm-5:00pm – Catch the free van service to Mt. Luho. Admire the view.
5:00pm-6:00pm – Afternoon swim to get hungry for dinner.
7:00pm-9:00pm – Dinner and drinks, i recommend Levanti. Or Sand bar.
10:00pm-10:30pm – Go back to Hotel, freshen up to do more drinking.
11:00pm- ** (depending on your alcohol threshold) then, try to sleep.


Flight to Bora (Depends) — 1k? 2k?
Terminal Fee — 150Php
Food —300Php?
Helmet Diving– 500Php
Hotel — 300 (dorm style)
Service to Mt. Luho– Free– Entrance Fee– 50Php
Dinner —300Php?
Drinks if Girl: 200 // Drinks if Boy: 400


6:00am-6:30am – Try to get out of bed.
6:30am-7:00am – Succeed. Drink Aspirin for Headache.
7:05am-8:30am – Get ready to leave and have breakfast somewhere.
9:00am – Ride the van to Ilo-ilo
9:30am-2:00pm – Sleep on the way (usually a four hour trip)
2:20pm – Arrive at Ilo-ilo
2:20pm-3:30pm – Have a late lunch with Marcos Caratao (ask him if he has any Queen Siopao from Roberto’s) and be nice to him.
3:40pm-4:20pm – Have Merienda at Madge’s coffee in La Paz Market. Ask Marcos where it is.
BEFORE 5:00pm – You must be at the Muelle Loney St. Ocean Jet Port. Last trip is 5:15pm
** If you made it, Congrats cause the Ilo-ilo traffic is legendary (I was setting you up) **
6:20pm – ETA to Bacolod. Check-in at Ongbun or Bacolod Pension Plaza. Near the Cathedral
7:00pm-8:00pm – Desserts first at Calea: Go to the branch near L’fisher Hotel
8:00pm-8:30pm – Siomai at the L’Sea Restaurant beside L’fisher.
8:40pm-10:00pm – Eat your dinner at Manokan Country. Manamit na Inasal!
10:00pm-10:30pm – Go back to Hotel. Try to look less bloated and somewhat presentable.
10:30pm- (alcohol threshold) – Have drinks at the Art District near Robinsons. Try to spot Joel Torre.


Breakfast– 150Php
Terminal Fee– 40Php
Van Fare to Ilo-ilo- about 400Php
Lunch in Ilo-ilo– 300Php
Madge’s Coffee– 40Php
Taxi from Madge’s Coffee- Port– 100Php
Ocean Jet RT Fare– 370Php
Ongbun/ Hotel– 400/800Php
Calea– 300Php (Thunder Thighs)
Siomai– 65Php (Bat Arms)
Manokan Country– 120Php (Rotund Belly)
Art District– If you see JT probably zero.

6:00am-6:15am – Wake up early and enjoy your Hotel’s restroom.
6;15am-6:35am – Shower and get ready. Check-out.
6:45am-7:45am – Go to Talisay Ruins
7:45am-8:15am- Contemplate the ruined state of your love life. Feel yesterday’s food. Must be why—
8:15am-9:10am- Get to the Ocean Jet Bacolod Terminal
** If you haven’t lost your RT stub great- Because the next trip is 5mins away **
10:20am – ETA to Ilo-ilo.
10:25am – The terminal to Guimaras is nearby- Take a trike.
10:25am-10:35am – Journey to Guimaras. Contemplate on how you enjoyed your Epic trip.
10:40am-10:45am – Hire a “singol” (motorbike) to take you around the island
10:45am- 12:00pm – Ask your driver where to have lunch. Then have lunch.
12:10pm-12:30pm– I assume you want to go back to Ilo-ilo.
12:40am-12:50pm – On the boat back- entertain yourself with this thought: A man used to swim to Ilo-ilo from Guimaras everyday. He was a garbage man. The fare is about 20pesos. He swam. Think about that.
12:55pm—ETA to Ilo-ilo again. Still thinking about the guy? Yeah, me too. Do something nice while you are there.
1:05pm – Go on a Church tour around the city. My favorite is Molo Church. Not related to the soup.
2pm..3pm..4pm- You have time to go shopping. Or go eat La Paz Batchoy.
5:00pm – Get to the airport.
5:12pm- 5:12:05pm – Flip the bird at the Zest Air counter.
6:50pm – ETA to Manila.

Talisay Ruins Fare– 100Php?
Entrance Fee– 40Php (student)
Guimaras Fare RT– 40Php
Single Motorbike– 100Php? 200Php?
Lunch—100Php? 200Php?
Shopping/ Batchoy—200Php? Depends on how generous you are
Airport Terminal Fee—200Php
Bird Flippin— PRICELESS!

A few tips:

1. Try to get the earliest flight you can get your hands on, and the latest flight than you can catch. More daylight= more fun.
2. This IT is better for microscopic groups or as a solo trip. You’ll go through life mostly alone, better get used to it now while on the road :P
3. You can control yourself and spend just 1 night in Boracay- there will be other places to see. You won’t spend as much too.
4. Just because you are moving on an Amazing Race pace doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy. How long does it take you to eat? Savoring your mouthful isn’t 5 minutes a bite, nor does appreciating the Church’s architecture equate to 2 hours. But there are times to take things slow- Unfortunately this IT doesn’t cover that.
5. Have fun and keep an open mind, but please secure your stuff.

That is all. Enjoy :)

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for January 2012 with the theme, ‘3Day 2 Nights Challenge: For the Weekend Warriors’ hosted by the Madame Eileen Campos