Looking for a quick yet quaint respite from the city? Feeling suffocated by the concrete jungle? Wanting a quick getaway with the emphasis on the quick?

Exactly what happened to us when we had a brain fart and decided Manila and I needed a cool-off. So we jumped on an FX bound for Cogeo for a quick 30 or so minute trip.

What i didn’t expect was the possibility that distance is not a factor for a satisfying get-away, i was pleasantly surprised to see that our destination had the idyllic setting i wanted coupled with the opportunity for some ninja adventures

After being dropped of at the Cogeo Market, it’s not hard to catch a jeep bound for Sierra Madre.

Fare is only 40pesos with an option to ride on top of the Jeepney. The trip is more or less an hour.

Of course, you’d be silly not to try and ride on top, my first time in the bontoc-sagada route. This really is fun as you get to see….

The “Marilaque” road, famous for the twisties and high decibels incurred from lots of motor-heads cruising the road.

Lots of sights to see along the way although the Jeepney does get really crowded with the passengers and cargo. It can get cold and very windy depending on when you go. But rest assured it will be colder than Manila, think Tagaytay climate.

This is the Sierra Madre Resort and Convention Center, and we were the only guests occupying it that day. The resort is situated in the mountains with spectacular views of the mountains (sadly denuded) but picturesque nonetheless. The resort offers activities such as horseback riding, zip-lining, swimming, golf and a bevy of others you can explore yourself. A stay here will set you back at 1,500Php giving you 2 double beds, a heated shower and a fan, there is really no need for an AC as it gets really cold at night.

Take pictures, play in the fields, enjoy the sights, whatever floats your boat. As long as you are with someone who you’ll never trade with another person. This place is so mushy and kissy-kissy gooey that i can only barely think of cynicism now. But as you see the sunset on the mountains i really do think being sentimental is a privilege that is enjoyed by a lucky few.

The next morning we bought breakfast at the in-house restaurant and tried the Tapang Usa and Bacon, I’ve never watched the Disney Movie “Bambi’ so I have no apprehensions about eating them.

Both tasted like deep fried salty meat jerky. Which was fine/delicious by me.

We had coffee and contemplated what seems to be the owner’s fascination with statues. It did remind me a bit of the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea, see how many statues you can spot at the resort. Such trifle thoughts don’t last long though as i find it much better to wander in reverie at the sights to see.

I would really recommend this place to everyone. i think it’s perfect for reuniting with the cheesier you and testing your threshold for romanticism. I really had fun here but the credit will have to go to whoever enjoyed the place with you. As i’ve learned, no matter how pretty the place is, when you have shit-ass companions it will undoubtedly ruin the trip.

The Sierra Madre
KM 58 Marcos Highway Mayagay Tanay, Rizal
Tel Nos. 913-2001 * 911-3759
Mobile No. 0919-8674985

Expect to spend about 3-4k (2pax) depends on how many packs of Cheetos you bring with you for Dinner.