Think you’ve traveled enough to experience these? :P

1. You know you’re a Bisdak when you order Ar-seh or Sparkol in a Carinderia

2. You tap on the roof of the Multicab/ Jeep and shout “Lugar!”

3. Frankly, you turn a lil bit more rude.

4. You know what “Istoryahee”, “Atay” and “Payter” means and you consistently use it in your sentences.

5. You forgot how to use “Po” and “Opo”.

6. Instead of “Makiki-abot”, you say, “Palihog”.

7. You’re excited to say “Kaon na ta” during “Pamahaw”,”Paniudto” and “Panihapon”.

8. “Pamainit” does not mean a hot temperature, but rather, hot tablea and puto maya.

9. You know that calling someone “Bisdak” is like saying a Taboo, most people think it’s a compliment but others may view it as derogatory.

10. Your “Bis-glish” puts Kris Aquino’s Taglish to shame.

11. You’re not scared of riding a Habal-habal even without a helmet.

12. Manila now seems like such a hectic and stressful city, and the Traffic is really unbearable.

13. When shopping, the first thing you say is “Tagpila?”.

14. There’s no qualms whatsoever about you eating at the roadside stalls and pungko-pungko because they’re “Barato at Lami gud”.

15. You’re not surprised that the amazingly delicious meal that you just had is less than 100 pesos.

16. You now know how to eat “Puso” and no longer try to peel it and eat it like Suman.

17. You put your recently purchased items in a “Cellophane“.

18. Once a year your home city hosts a kick-ass party that sometimes lasts for a whole week.

19. There’s now a “Gid”, “Gud”, “Man” in your sentences even if you have no idea what it means and your usage is considered gramatically incorrect.

20. When you feel that a Tindera is ripping you off, you look at her square in the eye and say “Ay ka mahal.”

21. Just to show how un-ignorant you are about the Bisaya ways, you’ll keep on asking “Unsa ni?” while pointing at everything.

22. “Usa” is not a deer, “duha” is not a fruit, and “tulo” is not a leak. It’s what you do when you don’t pay your Jeepney fare.

23. You’ve scratched to the point of overuse the term, “Kasabot ko, gamay ra.”

24. Do you still stifle a laugh every time someone would say “Libog na ako”?

25. You would know the difference between a Langgam that crawls and a Langgam that flies.

26. Hey, Are you Okay ra? Or “Okie ra?”

27. You can speak to a Cebuano or a Davaoeno just fine but you know Ilonggos will assume you’d understand them even if you don’t.

28. Bislog is not like a Tapsilog. It’s when Bisayas mix their dialect with Tagalog.

29. Do you still scream “Wa ko kasabot Binisaya” at bus drivers when going to another town, or you can calmly ask “Tagpila ang plete?”

30. What’s your corny lovey dovey pet name? Is it Uyab? It is isn’t it. Uyyyyyyy, Ayieeeeeeee

31. You’ll notice that every other guy in Cebu is named Ed.

32. When you are taking someone to the airport or terminal, you give them a hug and say “Ayo-ayo”

Now tell me. What’s your Bisdak moments? :P