It is a difficult task moving across town. But, moving to a different country is daunting, to say the least. There is so much to learn and much of it we only find out when we are facing a situation we have never heard of.
We have put together a list that should make that big move abroad easier for you.

Working across the continent
Different countries have different laws about working. Some will not allow both spouses to work in their country and you must determine which one of you will stay home, if need be. Before moving, make sure to secure a work permit along with all the necessary legal documentations. It is imperative to research about their work permits and regulations. Be sure you are prepared and for you to bring everything that you need with you when you go.

If you have children, advise their school that they will be moving with you abroad. Get original copies of their school records.

Cancel Memberships
Cancel your gym membership, cable TV, magazine subscriptions, and other services that you will not be needing anymore.

Who to call
Make sure you let your doctors know that you will be away and tell the pharmacy you use as well. This will keep someone from calling to ask or medications in your name and it will keep people from trying to refill any medications in your name. Make sure you have enough medication to take with you until you are established.
Get copies of your and your family members’ prescriptions.

Keeping up with financial matters
Is your bank able to conduct business in the new country you are going to? Will your credit cards be honoured there? What is the exchange rate between the two currencies? What fees will you expect to pay?

Document checklist
Identification cards (Driver’s license, HMO cards etc)
Vaccine records
Birth certificate
School records, diplomas, certifications
Medical records (including immunization records)
A list of prescriptions for the medications you or your family needs to take from your pharmacy/ doctor

Don’t forget about the pets
If you are traveling with your dog you must:
Inquire with the air line whether the pet has to be kept in a specific type of carrier
All the pet’s medical records (especially immunization records)
An ample supply of pet food
Special toy or blanket that makes him feel secure

Make sure your phone charger, blow dryer, electric razor work by buying adapters that make your plugs fit into the two-pin outlets. In North America we commonly have 110 volts whilts it is 220 in Europe, not having a good adapter can short circuit your electronic devices.

Use lightweight luggage with wheels and a good warranty.
Lightweight clothing that can be layered
T-shirts or tank tops
A few long sleeve shirts
Pants, shorts, and at least one skirt
Personal products
Hair brush and products
Three pair or shoes (sneakers, flats and heels)
Mini first aid kit
A light jacket or sweater
Cell phone charger
Ear buds/ Cash (but be mindful of duty costs)
Reading materials
Hygiene products
Extra contact lenses or a spare pair of glasses.
An updated list of the location of the nearest hospital, police station, pharmacy, and veterinary from your new apartment/home.
A note on your person which says who you are, where you are staying, and who to call if there is any problem.

You can adjust this as you go along, but this checklist should give you a good hint on what to do to get started.

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