Several months of delay went into writing this post and so i just told Marky i suffered a severe case of Lacunar Amnesia that was deemed untreatable until today. I have to thank him though for convincing me to write about our trips even at the expense of letting me use all his photos, because some places are just too beautiful to not share.

Last December, we enjoyed a ten-hour bus ride from the Victory Liner Kamias terminal to Tuguegarao with a side trip to two beautiful churches in Tumauini and San Pablo

The San Matias Church can be reached by walking a short distance from the Tumauini Town in Isabela, the Church is very near a police station and the walk will only be for a minute or two. Stopping by this quaint town if only to just see this Church is guaranteed to be not a waste of your time.

The façade of the San Pablo Ruins that greeted us was like straight out of a war movie. When we unloaded the bus and walked at the ghost town that was the last frontier before reaching Tuguegarao we could feel the aura of what it was like to live in the past, to have nothing but your house, your Church and your weekly trips to the market to make you sane. It was here that Sharlyn asked me a hypothetical question, whether I’d be happy if i lived here and married a man 20 years my senior. In jest i said i’d probably turn into a serial killer and murder everyone.

We walked round and around. With nothing but Betsy the cow to ever lay witness that we’ve been there. The Church was surrounded by a small field and the houses around it had closed doors and broken windows but still it was beautiful.

These are the two wonderful relics we were able to visit en route to Tuguegarao. I was really glad to have gotten the chance to visit them even if we arrived tired and weary from our long journey because the Church served as a Sanctuary to us, and i think maybe places of faith has a different gravitational pull than other points of the earth. I can never pinpoint why a Church is sacred, yet in seeing those two Churches i saw what God’s abode should be– solemn and dignified, proud to withstand generations of prayers and believers and has a beauty that like faith, can’t be defined.

Thanks to Marky for letting me use all his beautiful pictures. :)