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Hi, my name is Lauren and this is where people who most likely have nothing better to do can go and read about my attempts to combine weirdly concocted tales with pictures of my real travels taken with my totally legit camera.

Aside from my affinity with long winded sentences, I also like Science Fiction, funny looking things and peculiar people. I would ponder about these things, in a process of Woodshedding, or writing as much as I can in the hopes that someday, somehow, even if chances are, that day may never come- I’d probably get a smidgen bit better than now.

pandelicious travel blog

As you can tell by now I’m not a very smart person, but being oblivious to this fact is how I can get away with publishing mundane drivel. But they’re still the product of my tiny brain and like a little drop of whiskey wrung from a thousand squished corn kernels I’m going to take that and run with it.

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