There is a multitude of activities and abundance of venues to explore while in Belize. One can hike in the jungles or snorkel in the Belize Barrier Reef or learn about the Mayan culture. The truth is, one will never run short of options when holidaying in Belize. However, if you have just 48 hours in Belize, then one would require a bit of planning as one would want to make the most out of their trip and get to see what Belize has to offer. Many tourists find Belize a bit expensive when compared to other Central American countries. However, this is not true. All you need to do is what to look for. You can easily find a great Belize overwater bungalow at very affordable rates and with the best amenities and services. Belize is a tourism country, and as a smart traveler, one should know where to look and what to enjoy for that totally unique experience. It is simple and rustic here, and this is what makes it so charming!

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Day 1
In the morning
Fly directly into Belize and after relaxing and chilling out at your hotel, head towards the beaches. You can simply laze or wander around and swim and eat. You will find that the locals speak English and are very kind and welcoming. Thus, it is easy to get sound and talk easily with everyone. You can stroll down the main streets and have coffee. If you are in the mood for some adventure, you can go sports fishing, rent kayaks or enjoy stand-up paddle boarding.

Afternoon hours
You can take a ferry from the Caribbean side of the island from the ferry port. Enjoy the 45-minute water taxi ride in the crystal blue waters and head towards Caye Caulk, the small Belizean island. Explore the island, go slow and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Feel one with the locals and part of Belize community. Later, you can take a chocolate-making class and learn how the ancient Mayan culture ground cacao and made chocolate by hand. You could also take advantage of the Green Iguana Conservation Project and learn about iguanas and even hold them. All those activities are a fun way to learn about Belizean culture.

During the Evening
Take a tour of Monkey River and enjoy looking at the countless flora and fauna and the wildlife on the shores. Later, have a romantic evening by the ocean. Caribbean sunsets are undeniably breathtakingly beautiful and shouldn’t to be missed. Enjoy your first evening in a bar with a fruity cocktail and take in the Caribbean sunset. Make sure that you get a good view of the sea and sunset. Spend quality time with your friends and family and share a few laughs.

Late at night
There is no lack of fun things to do in the evening in Belize. If you still have loads of energy, you can enjoy good live music and dancing and great food at several joints in the city. Many restaurants and bars in Belize offer live entertainment for their customers. Enjoy listening to the solo performers and bands playing country and rock as well as local “Punta” music. If you are in the mood for some more adventure, then dive at night at Lighthouse Reef in the Turneffe and the Great Blue Hole. There are many more different creatures that are out and about underwater as compared to daytime.

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Day 2
In the morning
Relax and take your time to get up. After having a good breakfast, go for a stroll. You can charter a boat and go around the island with a guide. Those interested in snorkeling, well it is time to snorkel and just wear loads of sunscreen and re-apply before you embark on your snorkeling voyage. You will love the experience of swimming with tons of fish such as eel, nurse sharks, and stingrays. The snorkeling trips are a great way toe explore the famous Belize Barrier Reef but as well as get close to the sharks and stingrays in a safe environment and even touch them.

Afternoon hours
Visit the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave for an unforgettable experience. This is the most popular Mayan burial sites that lie on the Western side. The trip would be something of a physical challenge but worth the archeological adventure. You would be swimming, climbing and hiking through those dark Mayan caves. Or, you could even float through the cave system. Another famous archeological sites of the Mayan empire is the Tikal, Guatemala. Climb the massive pyramids and learn how those ancient people calibrated all the major dates of their ritual year from the priests.

During the Evening
Experience different views of the setting sun along the island. Explore the local markets and check out the artisan jewelry and craft souvenirs. Watch the island restaurants come alive with Caribbean barbecue and fresh seafood. Enjoy the fruity cocktails and drink specials as well as the live music.

• Late at night
Explore the local specialties and restaurants that serve Belize specialties at an incredibly budget-friendly price. Try out the most delicious pupusas and wash them down with freshly prepared melon juice. Shopping is more fun at night too, and one can explore downtown for some good deals to their heart’s content.

Belize can be lots of fun even if you have just 48 hours here. Each destination and spot have something unique to offer, and all you need is some good planning.