We’ve stopped counting the endless hours we spent on bumpy bus rides.

The times we waited on an airport for a delayed flight.

When our food arrives in a bigger portion that we’ve anticipated.

This is us.

Hoping for a hand to hold while looking through the window seat of a 9hr bus ride.

Someone who we can laugh with when our plans go awry.

A table for two, when eating the culinary delights of our many destinations.


We are travelers. Living an unconventional life, far from the ordinary.

We live to wander, fulfilling a life with no regrets. We go out of our doors, excited what the world will offer us.  There’s nothing else that makes us happier than knowing that we are

free to exist.

Our experiences that we happily share with the world, these are the footprints we leave. So maybe someday, someone can follow them. And share the happiness that we felt as we thread the road less traveled.

And all along while strolling a busy city boulevard,  laying down on a serene beach or climbing an arduous trail.

We are waiting for the day you’ll join us.

Josiah packs his bag yet again, quickly yet carefully planning his itinerary. An adventure he planned for himself. An avid traveler, a creature of the road he wondered about the many times he’s done this before.

“Though I practice solo-travel I’m not a fan of that type of travel. I only do it because the fear of
not experiencing things is greater than the fear of being alone. I’m the type who wants to share with someone what I am experiencing. She may just be a travel companion or much better than a travel companion.”

Josiah of Lakas.com wants to take you around the world.


We are left weary yet wanting at the end of every adventure-filled day. Whenever the sun goes down and our inhibitions come away with it. Charrr…

Listen as Dazzle enumerates the ways a travel writer  changed her for the better.

“Travel writers have better taste as they have seen different cultures. If he travels west he must
be speaking French, a most romantic and sexy language. They can plan the most unforgettable honeymoon as they have compared places. Travel writers are ideal husbands too, they know how to build a good budget table; knows exactly the difference between a necessity and a vice”

Dazzling Dazzle is an Island girl mistakenly born in the city


A fresh reprieve, the life of a traveler brings. Everything anew with the things we experience day by day. Graciel, who climbed the Machu Picchu of Peru all while looking splendidly chic, she deflected attention from herself by interviewing other travelers. But i’d like to ask her those questions myself, just to see what she will say.

“If you haven’t dated a travel blogger before, then you’ve been missing out.  I can assure you that there will never be a dull moment with these adventurous explorers. So go ahead, feast your eyes. Find out if you have what it takes to make them your Valentine’s date this year”

— Graciel is the ultimate Pinay on the move.


Charmaine, who got bit by the travel blog early, shares in so many words yet it doesn’t seem enough why dating a traveler may as well be the best thing you’ll ever do.

“She will keep your spirit alive. She’ll make marks in your lifeline that you will never forget. You will grow with the world as you both travel. You will always have something to look forward to, be it your next destination or her stories from her trips because she will never run out of it.”

Mimai, happy to be someone’s traveler date.


He takes his photographs earnestly hoping to capture the moment unfolding in front of him. That is Jerome, a traveler, a photographer but most often a driver.. Oops, a sweet lover. His blog, Balintataw, made to see with his eyes, to encapsulate in his camera.

” I’ve been to places perfect to share with your special someone, a couple’s haven if I may say; unfortunately, I was alone or with group of friends the time I went there. But if everything works out and she’s complicated no more, I would like to go back to these places and experience each destination again with her by my side.”

Jerome is searching for the one he can travel with.


I’ve never met Ed in real- life, but as i read the way way he strings his words and digest the emotions embedded in his post, i can say that he is the kind of person girls should go for.

“Never harm my heart because I’ll never harm you. I know I’ll never love this way again so I keep holding on. I believe with the “first and the last.” That is the reason I am still searching for the right one. I don’t take things in a rush. I am an obsessive-compulsive person in terms of love. I want everything to be fine and systematic.  “

— Ed of Edmaration, looking for his first and last.


A regular day is just about to start for Atty. Mhe-anne Ojeda. As she enters her office and her colleagues inform her of a new lawyer who’ll be working with her, the last thing on her mind was the possibility of a new romance. But this as “Prince” described her as beautiful, they now haven’t stopped being in love since.

“The Eiffel Tower which was the backdrop for our first monthsary kiss  before he headed on an  impromptu trip to Amsterdam for more of the get-to-know- my traveler- sightseeing date!”


– Atty. Mhe-anne Ojeda of My Comings and Goings is a princess.


James lightly packs for his 100 days of backpacking the Philippines the cheapest way possible. He fixes and tweaks his plans, looking at the last minute changes in his plans. Then an errant thought passed through his mind. “Will this be the trip where i’ll meet that someone?”

“So, why should you date a traveler? Because he will make sure that you gotta experience PARADISE every single day of your life… This is one good example… I lay the sarong, you sit by my side. I wrap my arms around you, I listen to your stories, I laugh at your jokes, I look at your eyes, your lips, fix your hair and smile. I kiss you unexpectedly and you say ‘why?’…..

— Journeying James, is a traveler- boyfriend material.


Chin-chan is a riot in real life, always making other people laugh with his quips and quirks. Who knew he had a reserve of mush embedded in his system? But we can never really judge a person solely on the few moments we get to share with them. Everyone is a plethora of contradictions and Chin-chan, aside from being a funny prankster is also a veritable lover.

I’m a person with no regrets. Maybe I am just so lucky. You made my life complete , But I’m just one chapter in yours. There will be so much more. I promise. Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Don’t forget to watch out for that signal, when life as you know it ends .
I just wanna tell you how much you move me, how you changed me and im so grateful about it.

— Chin-chan of Juanderful Pinoy, is a walking contradiction.


Eileen, of Possibly Pinay, could be the woman you’ve been waiting for, possibly will break your heart. She’ll leave you wanting but will always give you something to linger in your thoughts. Quite possibly my very best friend in the unforgiving editorial world, she weaves her words with candor and an unmistakable flair, only possible through the pen of the Possibly Pinay

“And I’ve been to many places in the world, some of them like the others, Europe, the Americas, Asia or Australia… In some of them, the memories i remembered are more valuable than any photograph or souvenir i kept.”

– Eileen of Possibly Pinay is the best woman you will ever meet.



A dreamer. A worker. A free spirit. A catalyst of change. I am a thirty-something Filipina who travels the world in search of the coolest adventures, the sweetest romance, and the most exciting job.  That is Reiza. Her post was made by someone who knows her well, he described her in vivid detail and made a flowing prose dedicated to her sojourn spirit.

“She is like a raw piece of clay: show to her a new world and she will want to go into it. She will want to walk into your own world, see what you do in there, and want to be a part of it—and what better way to make a relationship last forever than to do things together.”

– Reiza of Wander-if-you-must is a free spirit.


Always funny and quirky, that’s who Brenna is to her friends. A girl that’s in Love with Cebu and   its boys …  err.. beaches, she writes a completely thorough guide on why you. Yes you! should have an Epic Romance with a traveler. And trust her, it will be worth it.

” I should be inspired, I should be in love, especially because it’s less than 24 hours till the day of love comes around again. And for the fourth year in a row, I am single on Valentine’s Day. Maybe that alone would get anyone else feeling sad and bitter. However, this year, this Valentine’s Day, I’m no longer bitter, but more eager to finding that person who would want to date ME a traveler.”

– Brenna of the Philippine Travelogue, doesn’t want to be single anymore.


Rain took me on a journey through time by recounting her past lovers, the Mr. What-ifs and the Almost-rights, showing the readers a different view of things, of how our past doesn’t define us and just gradually makes us into a better version of ourselves.

“Tonight, let me take you back to those years of having fun in the field; of how I took advantage of youth by wielding as much charm and wit and sin the world could take; and of how in overwhelmingly many aspects, dating and travel go ironically well.”

– Rain Amantiad, is a goddess about to be betrothed.


Immortalizing the fleeting beauty of nature is a difficult thing. And taking pictures that resonates with passion and being able to preserve a moment in a single frame, is a feat not many can accomplish. Ian dela Pena does all of that with impeccable artistry, and he does it so well because he sees the world in technicolor.

“We appreciate small things like how blue is the sky, how serene does the stream run through or even just a little bird. I really don’t have much to say about this. We are just simple people who appreciate the world we live in.”

— Ian of the Brownmantrips, is an artistic photographer.


I could feel Lai’s emotions as i read her unnamed letter. You can tell someone is a good person through their writings, it’s a place where your thoughts are unearthed and your choice of words resonates with your mind and musings. So as i finished her entry, i’ve concluded what a wonderful girl i think Lai is, she’s someone who you can really cherish.

Twenty-something years into existence, a few heart breaks and crying spells — I am still unwilling to give you away. I am still the girl who sits by the window, playing with her fingers, letting her thoughts fly, and whispering, “he will come”.

– Lai, the Pinay Travelista, is patiently waiting.



I read Mich’s funny entry in a fast hurry. The completely thorough guide blew me away. Who wouldn’t want to date her? She’s got an infinite thirst of life and that sort of zeal is very contagious. Mich, i hope you find someone to bungee, rappel and climb mountains with you.

“She might not be talking about Love or if she is happy when you two are together but the fact that she talks and shares her happiness everytime she sees the skies and the mountain, whoo! She loves you, she just really have a lot of happy stories to share.”

– Mich of Chasing Philippines is an adventure junkie.


Another cyber friend, someone who only exists for me in the realms of the internet. I was surprised Ryan Mach joined this blog carnival, this topic might be a little risque,  and he seemed reserved but the effort it took to reach out to his readers and show a more romantic side wasn’t futile.

“They will let you see the world in a different perspective. They can show you that travel is more than just a hobby – ultimately, it’s another (and better) way of looking at life and the world”

– Ryan Mach, of the Pinoy Wandering Boy is endearingly shy.



Sexy is as sexy does, and Lois really does a lot. From being a surfer, a writer, a motivational speaker and doing loads of fantastic things with her lean and tanned body she should know why “Travelers are sexy”. 

“Admit it, the idea of someone who goes around the world, discovers exotic places and meets other travelers from all over is pretty darn tempting! Here are 5 reasons why travelers are as hot as that spicy curry dish you had from the Indian deli.”

– Lois, 1/2 of the Sole Sisters is pretty f*cking sexy.


Lovette made a short but sentimental post that’s evocative of her current feelings, unusual compared to her other writings i can’t help but feel grateful at her effort to join this highly personal blog carnival.

“The traveling couple will then have the time of their lives as they explore the world.  He’ll take her through sunrises and sunsets.  She’ll take photos of his jump shots and I’m-the-king-of-the-world poses.  He’ll hold her hand as they fly through hot air balloons and go skydiving”

– Lovette of the Travel Jams is a sweet girl- traveler.


Aleah is now walking the cold cobblestones of Europe, as part of her 70 day backpacking trip. Maybe it’s her independent spirit that made her patient when looking for someone that could finally turn her solitary wanders in to a couples travels, but whatever it is that she’s up to i know that she’s paving the way to her happiness.

“If she says she loves you, she must have seen something in you, something that can always call her back from her travels, something that can anchor her to the world in the way that she wants to after weeks and months of being on the road.”

— Aleah, the Solitary Wanderer, is a romantic at heart.



Palpitating hearts follow the words strewn by Robbie, as he takes you on a journey around the Philippines with his words, From Baler to Malapascua he reminisces about his unnamed paramour in such a poetic way and you just can’t help but wish that his letters are for you.

“This story started with travelling, and though things may be leading to a different ending now, it was still fun to think about even the most farfetched possibilities. Now I wait for that person whom I can turn this short narrative into a reality. Because travellers can only hope for that perpetual travel buddy.”

– Robx is The Traveling Dork living in a love-lorn fantasy.


When i read the NBSB from her post i only wondered about one thing. Will it be better to have loved and lost or to never experience it at all?… But a girl like Mica won’t stay single for long, i’m sure there’s someone out there waiting for a chance to travel with the creative and sweet senyorita.

“I am almost twenty five years old, a member of the NBSB community and a hopeless romantic by heart. I admit that I am one of those girls who would melt every time they watch a romance flick (drama or comedy) and wish that I’ll experience the same thing soon.”

– Mica of Senyorita.Net is a hopeless romantic.


Many hearts this traveler has captured, from being the Headstand Man, to successfully conquering an infamous jump, his personality resonates as someone who doesn’t take himself seriously. To Edcel, who after a long time finally found someone to cherish, even from afar, we are happy for you.

“Your suitcase and my backpack, let’s leave our footprints wherever we may go. Long distance may be a tough one to crack, but we’ll make it work. I can’t wait for the days when you’ll be in my arms again. Hold my hand, hold on tight. Cause I won’t let you go.”

– Edcel of Soloflighted, the Digital Nomad who found a hand to hold.



Many of us dream of the life that Gay has right now, a nomadic existence with no bounds, just her, her husband and their young daughter taking on the world one wonder at a time. Her entry is a sneak peek at how their life is, and that even if they struggle at times love is still the glue that binds them together.

“Firstly to my wife Gay, I’d like to say Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re in the middle of our big  round-the-world trip with our 16 months old baby…. It’s definitely been a hectic journey, traveling long term as both a couple and with a baby! …. It’s been difficult in some occasions, but amazing in many more…”

– Gay, a Pinay Travel Junkie who happily married a nomad like herself.


Dependable and trustworthy, to me that’s who Marky is. I know that he is a modern day idealist, the unique way he perceives the world, peppering his narratives with pop-culture references is a genre on its own. Bordering on brooding and mysterious there’s no wonder he’s a cult favorite among the ladies, but i know only one Pinay managed to capture his attention.

“Adventurous, Daring, Beautiful, Lush, Hip, Cowgirl, Spontaneous, Trail-blazing, Intelligent, Generous, Loving. These are just some of the traits these women possesses and its no coincidence that they all love traveling.”

– Marky of the Nomadic Experiences, in love with a traveler.



A last minute entry filled with Cedric’s trademark kick-ass copywriter style of things. A master of all trades, be it photography, journalism or simply knowing a little bit of Italian, he is surely someone you’d be happy to share a long bus ride with.

“Okay, so you like someone who loves to travel. Here’s a guide that will help you eliminate the guesswork of this mysterious species. Feel free to download it too and share it with your friends who also like people with itchy feet.”

– Cedric of Gala Pinoy Redux, is a witty charmer.



These are the 26 stories by the Pinoy Travel Bloggers

Each lovingly written in their own way,

Hoping that maybe you’ll be inspired to date a traveler too.

I’m Lauren, of the Epic Potato Travel Blog

And i’m happy to bring you the 16th PTB Blog Carnival

with the theme:

“Why you should date a Traveler.”